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Windows 10 Migration

Scottish Asset Management Company 



Customer Context

Agenor Technology provided IT consultancy services to a Scottish asset management company who were faced with a pending technology issue.

Extended support for the Windows 7 operating system is scheduled to expire on 14th January 2020. After which Microsoft will cease development and deployment of security patches for Windows 7. Our client had an extensive desktop and laptop estate running on Windows 7 operating system. Failure to act upon this looming deadline would leave them with unsupported desktop infrastructure vulnerable to any new security attacks. The primary driver for action was to address the critical security risk to the organisation of running with an unsupported solution. The decision was made to initiate a project which would refresh the entire desktop estate.

Another challenge faced by this client was the growing demand for remote working for its employees; As a key objective of the Windows 10 device refresh, our client wished to enable staff to work from home and from international offices.  This would be fulfilled by the introduction of new Windows 10 laptops for users. The project was also viewed as an important prerequisite step for the plans to moving to a Microsoft cloud-based platform, Office 365.

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The Problem

The scope of the project required Agenor to provide new Windows 10 devices to 1,300 users who were spread over many different departments, based in the UK and around the globe. The Agenor Programme Delivery Team were required to communicate with the business and ensure that the User migrations were planned and scheduled appropriately with no impact on the day to day running of the Business.

The users utilised a variety of different applications which had to be tested to ensure Windows 10 compliance and be packaged for the relevant user groups. It was important that the Agenor Programme Delivery team planned for this in the overall project timeline as many applications were developed in-house and required additional work before being deployed.

Our client requested that a comprehensive support structure was put in place to assist all users in the transition to Windows 10. This included individual 1-2-1 training on Microsoft Windows 10, OneDrive and Teams.

The Goal

  • To ensure the entire Windows 7 desktop estate was refreshed with Windows 10 devices
  • To securely decommission all redundant devices
  • To verify all applications on the Windows 10 platform
  • To increase workforce mobility
  • To roll out OneDrive and Teams to all users
  • To provide all users with relevant training




The Challenge

The Agenor Programme Delivery team were required to communicate with staff within the business to understand:

  • Individual and team functions across the entire user population
  • Number of users within each team
  • Key software applications used by both the individual and their team
  • Appropriate deployment timescales for each individual

Once this information was collated and analysed, each user was scheduled a time slot based on their requirement and their business need.

A laptop was prepared in advance of individual sessions between each user and the Agenor Programme Delivery team, at which stage all relevant applications were installed and tested. This process could take up to 3 hours from start to finish and had to be repeated for all 1,300 users. Scheduling all users to go through this process and achieving the very aggressive timescales was a significant challenge for the Agenor Programme Delivery team.

The Result

The project was successful in achieving the following outcomes:

  • To implement Microsoft Windows 10, OneDrive and Teams for all staff
  • To move from fixed desktops to laptops, providing staff with more flexibility, without compromising device performance
  • To securely decommission redundant desktop and laptop devices
  • To deliver training to all staff to ensure a seamless transition
  • To verify all required applications on the Windows 10 platform
  • To address the potential security risk, moving all staff to a fully supported software stack
  • To position our customer for a successful adoption of Office 365, a key milestone in their cloud journey

The project was a huge success; all objectives were achieved allowing the business to sign-off and close the project on time and budget.

Windows 10 devices deployed
Devices securely decommissioned
Hours of Windows 10 and Office 365 training provided
Key Applications Verified