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5 Layers to successfully organise your large-scale technology cutovers

09-Nov-2017 13:56:47

Regardless of the business and technology context, the success of any large-scale technology cutover will depend to a large degree on an appropriate and effective organisation being put in place.

This blog will describe a sample organisational model that has been designed based on years of experience, evolving over time to address the range of challenges, roles and processes that are required for success.

Naturally, the size of the required organisation reflects the scale and complexity of the change. The sample below has been proven to work well on some very large-scale cutover events that Agenor have either led or participated in. 


ICEFLO for Disaster Recovery Rehearsals

29-May-2017 15:32:53

The Benefits of Using ICEFLO for Disaster Recovery Planning and Execution


ICEFLO Starter Pack Offering

21-May-2017 16:21:54

The Audience

The ICEFLO Starter Pack Offering is aimed at cutover managers, deployment managers, programme and project managers who are embarking on or in the middle of an engagement that has an element of risk, complex dependencies, time constraints and who wish to adopt either a parallel approach to provide a level of comfort or prove beyond all doubt that the cutover plan is going to deliver on time without affecting service, and have the management information at their fingertips throughout.


ICEFLO now available on G-Cloud 9

21-May-2017 16:14:05


ICEFLO: SatNav for Technology Cutovers

24-Mar-2017 15:14:23

I had a conversation recently with a very experienced Business leader, trying to explain in plain language what ICEFLO is and how to articulate the business benefits. 

After a few minutes, he summarised the solution perfectly ....... "So, it's a bit like SatNav for technology cutovers". 

This concise and insightful conclusion prompted me to write this blog, comparing ICEFLO to modern SatNav systems by looking at the essential characteristics shared by both solutions.