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IIB V10 upgrade on large Linux banking platform


IIB v10 upgrade on large Linux banking platform 




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Customer Context

A major UK bank had out-of-support IIB software used by ESB Payment Transformation Platform within their critical payments systems such as Open Banking and Currency. There were some new features that the bank had identified as important to implement to improve the resilience of their platform.

IIB is a strategic product for the Bank and provides a broker messaging service over many transports to internal applications. This broker messaging platform forms a crucial part of the overall architecture for payments transformations for business-critical services such as Open Banking, Currency, Mortgage, Insurance and Banking APIs.

A high-level design and estimate was provided to cover all the interdependencies to upgrade the IIB platform and related systems such as VCS and Introscope. Agenor were able to implement successfully and manage these challenges to achieve a fully supported position in the timescales given.

“A great job all round, updating such a key production capability so smoothly and without incident is a real achievement.”

Head of Platform


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The Problem

A major UK bank had out of support IIB software used within their critical ESB environment and had a number of challenges to get to a supported model. The version of VCS and Introscope in use was not compatible with the new version of IIB and these had to be upgraded and customised onto a distributed platform. Agenor were able to design and run several streams within the project with interdependencies to allow the upgrade to IIB V10 to be performed. We then rolled out the upgrades across test environments covering sandpit, development and UAT, NFT before upgrading the Production estate.

The Goal

  • Upgrade IIB to the latest supported level 
  • Upgrade VCS and Introscope 
  • Customise related software such as UCD, Bamboo, IIB, WebAdmin to allow IIBv10 to be utilised 
  • Knowledge transfer to bank support staff with updated support documentation

The Challenge

The IIB payment transformation ESB estate had never been upgraded before so the challenge was to create a new plan to ensure the upgrade of IIB and related software in a timely manner. This meant that some additional actions were required to be added into the upgrade plans to migrate to IIBv10. We also had several IBM fixes that were identified and applied while ensuring existing IIB applications did not have to change to allow Agenor to meet tight project timelines. The nature of the payment transformation banking ESB platform meant that the project had to break down the implementation into multiple phased rollouts to ensure customer facing services continued to run at all times without downtime or outages. 

The Result

  • Introscope, VCS upgraded along with updates to various Interscope dashboard and metrics 
  • IIB Integration Nodes upgraded to IIB V10.0 across 68 Linux servers 
  • 40 production brokers in scope out of a total of 240+ Integration Nodes 
The Outcome 
  • High level design and plan produced 
  • Introscope, VCS upgraded and customised 
  • 240+ Integration Nodes upgraded in total of which 40 were in Production 
  • UCD, Bamboo, TeamCity customised to use a new IIB WebAdmin interface 
  • A single fix generated 30 man days per year savings 
Integration Nodes upgraded
Linux Servers involved
Production Integration Nodes upgraded
Customer Impacts or attributable incidents

Our customer experienced:  

  • A saving of 30 man days effort per year due to not having to perform regular restarts to deal with a bug in the old system
  • A transparent upgrade with no incidents 
  • A cost reduction by removing extended support costs 
  • Dependent software also upgraded ensuring platform is now fully supported 
Transparent implementation
Multiple issues expertly handled
No impact to ongoing programmes
Excellent communications

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