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Test Management

Through strong leadership and extensive experience, our test managers ensure that progress, cost and quality are tracked, managed and are regularly and accurately communicated. This gives both the stakeholders and the senior project team the tools to make the correct informed decisions.

Test Oversight and Assurance

Our test oversight and assurance approach is split into three distinct review and feedback phases

1. Review all project test documentation 
2. Review proposed test scope
3. Detailed review of the test plan and test schedule, including progress against the plan

These comprehensive assessments can be undertaken both with your internal test teams and with your third party partner suppliers.

Environment and Data Management

To prevent downtime and safeguard the validity of test results, we design and manage test environments so that they are configured and maintained appropriately for the type and level of testing planned. The data required for testing can often be varied, and complex. Age, volume, sensitivity and retention are amongst the factors that need to be considered. At Agenor we are experts in data management. 

Defect Management

By defining a clear defect management strategy aligned to your preferred test management tool, we ensure that any issues identified are tracked and can be resolved in a timely manner. We chair the defect meetings, with an emphasis on defect management rather than simply defect administration. Then, by providing accurate defect metrics, we ensure that the project management team are aware of the progress and remediation of critical issues. 


To give your stakeholders confidence in the quality, progress and cost of your projects, we provide comprehensive reporting throughout all stages of the test life-cycle. Having timely, detailed metrics designed specifically for your organisation and project enables risk to be managed early and the correct key business decisions to be made. 


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