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WebSphere Migration Programme


WebSphere Migration Programme




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Customer Context

A large financial organisation was using an aged out of support IBM Middleware tool. The out of support tool increased the risk of security vulnerabilities which could lead to significant Customer and Financial impact should these vulnerabilities be exploited by cyber-attacks. The Tool – WebSphere (WAS) is an IBM middleware tool that allows applications to interface with users through the internet. Many key applications have their web components running under WebSphere and as such is a critical infrastructure component for the organisation. With the withdrawal of support from the Vendor IBM for the aged versions of WebSphere used within the infrastructure, the organisation initiated a WebSphere Migration Programme to deliver the migration of Business Applications from using out of support versions of WebSphere to using the latest supported version of the WebSphere Tool thus bringing the applications into Vendor Support

Agenor Testing Services was the preferred supplier of Testing and Test Management Services for the WebSphere Migration Programme.

"Through our strong partnership relationship, Agenor understand the needs of our business and the vast range of skills and experience within their consulting portfolio which enables them to quickly react and mobilise resources and specialist skills to support our needs and requirements."

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The Problem

Due to the age of the old WebSphere versions the increased risks exposed the organisation to: 

  • Significant security vulnerabilities in the WebSphere Application Server versions 4, 5, 6.1- each with a risk to live services on the infrastructure and distributed estate
  • Significant customer and financial impact should the security vulnerabilities be exploited through cyber attacks
  • Operational complexity because of the diverse and out of support WebSphere versions make it difficult to administer and make it costly to support 

The Goal

  • Deliver complete testing services for all applications impacted by the WebSphere Upgrade Programme 
  • Provide entire test team resources to manage the agreed testing approach, coordinate and fully deliver testing for each application
  • Ensure all relevant testing and programme governance and processes are followed for each phase of testing 

The Challenge

Testing and Test Management services involved the management and coordination of 23 applications utilised across the entire estate of the organisation. Stakeholders involved in the Migration Programme spanned across multiple divisions within the organisation adding complexity in delivering Testing Services to the programme. Testing was spread across multiple platforms and test environments which meant that the Agenor test team had to coordinate all testing activities under very tight control and governance. By working closely with all parties and building strong relationships with each application the test team delivered a highly professional testing service as part of the WebSphere Upgrade Programme.

The Result

The Adoption

  • Deliver all test planning, execution and completion of testing for each application across multiple test phases, environments and applications 
  • Deliver all testing governance and documentation within agreed time, cost and quality 
  • Utilise appropriate testing tools and methods to enable the successful testing of the WebSphere Migration solution 

The Outcome

  • Testing completed successfully across all 23 applications 
  • Testing completed over 13 interfaces including third party suppliers 
  • Testing across multiple platforms, devices, test environment and customer base 
  • Successfully co-ordinated business checkout for each application 


Applications Tested
tests completed to date
issues identified and fixes re-tested
Applications supported during business checkout
A close partnership with skilled Agenor Testers
Risks all managed effectively
Testing complete for all WebSphere applications
Issues identified and fixed

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