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Mobile Banking


Migration of high profile      Mobile Banking Service




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Customer Context

A high-profile Mobile Banking service provided by a major financial organisation experienced an exceptional growth in the use and customer base since it was launched. This rapid growth resulted in an increased number of service impacts to its customers. Many of these were directly/indirectly caused by sub-optimal infrastructure and system management capabilities. This has resulted in several high-profile customer outages which have attracted both media and regulator attention. Due to customer and reputational impact on the service, the organisation decided to migrate the system management and infrastructure from the third-party supplier to an in-house systems and infrastructure solution. Agenor Testing Services was the preferred Testing Services provider to scope, plan, manage and complete the testing of the Mobile Banking Service Migration to ensure no impact on customers using the Mobile Banking Service.

“Having the expertise of the Agenor Testing Services allowed us to scope, plan, manage and complete the testing of our Mobile Banking Service with ease.”

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The Problem

The growth and usage of the Mobile Banking Service resulted in an increased number of service impacts to customers due to sub-optimal infrastructure and system management capabilities. It was also identified that the procedural maturity of the existing infrastructure and system management capability hosted by the third-party supplier was no longer enough to ensure increased customer reliance on the service. This increased the risk of further service impacts and resilience of the service resulting in more unwanted media and regulatory attention.

The Goal

  • Deliver comprehensive testing services for Mobile Banking Migration 
  • Scope, manage and fully deliver testing for the Migration of Mobile Banking Service 
  • Ensure adherence to all regulatory and compliance practices during testing 

The Challenge

As a result of several high-profile resilience and change management issues the Mobile Banking Service provider made a commitment to the Financial Conduct Authority to migrate the Mobile Banking Service Platform from the existing third-party supplier to in-house strategic solution. This resulted in the service failing under the governance and change management policies. Agenor Testing Services was contracted as the preferred Testing Services provider to scope, plan, manage and complete the testing of the Mobile Banking Service Migration solution with engagement across several stakeholders with the organisation, several third-party suppliers/vendors and interfaces. Additionally, Agenor resources supported Business Checkout activities post migration. 

The Result

The Adoption

  • Delivery testing for Mobile Banking Migration across all testing phases of the project  
  • Deliver test artefacts and documentation within agreed time, quality and cost 
  • Utilise agreed testing methodologies and practices to ensure the successful completion of testing 
  • Utilise testing resources to assist and co-ordinate Business Checkout activities 

The Outcome 

  • Successful delivery and completion of testing across multiple phases- all within agreed compliance, time and cost 
  • Testing completed across all identified interfaces and third-party suppliers 
  • Successful testing completed an all media devices, platforms, software versions available to customers


Interfaces tested across all test environments
tests completed
issues identified and re-tested
Operational risks identified and documented as a result of testing
Successful completion of testing services
Adherence to regulatory and compliance practices
Identified and documented operational risks
Continuous Agenor support throughout migration

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