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Consulting Services

Our dedicated team of highly experienced consultants can offer you a range of specialised services

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Time and Materials

Agenor Technology engage with clients on a Time and Material basis, where one or more Agenor Consultants are utilised by the client to work on projects or services.

The features of a Time and Materials engagement are as follows: 

  • Timesheet approval undertaken with agreed and authorised client representatives
  • Monthly timesheet activity agreed with client in relation to effort delivered in the previous month
  • Consultant activity directed and prioritised by the authorised client representatives
  • Regular financial information provided to clients in relation to consultant effort consumed and remaining
  • Engagement supported by an Agenor Client Delivery Manager to liaise with clients and ensure success

Outcome Based (Fixed Price)

Agenor Technology engage with clients on an Outcome Based approach, where teams of Agenor Consultants deliver agreed outcomes, projects and services.

The main features of an Outcome Based engagement are as follows: 

  • Outcomes based delivery driven by agreed client requirements and objectives
  • Payment on delivery and approval of outcomes agreed with authorised client representatives
  • Shared risk approach taken by both Agenor and the client  
  • Collaborative approach undertaken between Agenor and client in order to ensure successful delivery
  • Engagement supported by an Agenor Client Delivery Manager to liaise with clients and ensure successful outcomes

Security Screening

Agenor Technology undertake security screening for all Agenor Consultants prior to assignment on a client account.

The main aspects/checks undertaken (configurable per client) within Security Screening are as follows: 

  • Criminal
  • Credit
  • Identity
  • Proof of Address
  • Education
  • Industry specific i.e. CIFAS, BPSS

Service Reviews

Agenor Technology undertake Service Reviews for all active client engagements. These Service Reviews take place on an agreed frequency with the client.

The main aspects that are covered within a Service Review are as follows:

  • Overview of projects and services on which Agenor are actively engaged
  • Financial summary of all active engagements, whether Time and Materials effort or Outcome Based deliverables
  • Resourcing summary information provided
  • Prospects and pipeline engagements
  • Partnership benefits to illustrate value of Agenor engagement
  • Key topics for discussion


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