Consulting Services that are unique and so are their challenges



Consulting Services firms are fast evolving: increased competition, regulation, use of technology and globalisation are all impacting the way that firms operate. Agenor's consultants can help you navigate these unique and varied challenges that are key to your success.

The UK is a world leader in Consulting Services, and at the core of our ‘knowledge economy’ is innovation which is driving knowledge-based businesses. This economic shift delivers both benefits and challenges for firms like yours and our Consulting Services team, which is committed to helping you achieve your strategic goals. 

For over 10-years we have had a dedicated team at Agenor Technology advising Consulting Services firms, we are proud of this long-standing position in the sector. Our team of consultants are characterised by their straightforward approach to some of the world’s most complex business challenges and their ability to successfully deliver against the aggressive timelines that are often required by our clients. Our consultants lead from the front and help firms to navigate the issues that are unique to the sector. With close ties to many industry sectors, it give's us an indepth understanding of what makes your firm successful and what it takes to overcome the inherent issues it faces. We always bring fresh thinking and knowledge to share with you on your strategic, operational and technical issues.

We regularly advise on: