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Recommend a Friend

Give us an outstanding technology professional and we'll make a donation to a charity of your choice!


At Agenor Technology, we strongly believe that our team is our biggest asset and so, have adopted a network-based approach to recruitment.

We want to work with tried and trusted people and we know from experience that the best way to find future members of our team is to invite you to recommend a friend, someone that you know personally and hold in high regard.

As a key part of this initiative, we want to recognise the value of your recommendation by contributing to the organisations that you care most about. This initiative is based on others helping others out, so what better way than to give to a charity of your choice!



Recommend a Friend in the following ways:

Permanent: £1000 to your nominated charity for a recommendation that leads to the successful recruitment of a permanent member of our team. The charitable donation will be made when the candidate has passed their specified probationary period.

Contactors: £500 to your nominated charity for a recommendation that leads to an Agenor Associate being engaged on client work for a period of 6-months or more.