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Programme Recovery

Major technology change doesn't always go to plan. Our programme recovery service helps our Clients to avoid potential delivery failure. We bring objectivity, transparency, discretion and a "can-do" attitude to the table, with one goal in mind - a successful outcome.

Focus on outcomes

Getting it right the first time is one of the most important things in a technology recovery programme and at Agenor we have a well demonstrated credential of delivering that consistently.

Fast Turnaround

We appreciate the substantial time pressure in a typical Programme Recovery scenario and the importance of fast turnaround and that is why some of the leading companies in UK depend on us to recover their technology programmes.

Contain Cost and Risk

Our partners trust us to contain the recovery cost as well as to reduce the risk to technology and business during a recovery.

Establish Sustainable Delivery

We have a very high success rate in recovering programmes and establishing a rhythm of sustainable delivery.

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