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Programme Definition


Successful programmes are built upon robust and detailed definition of the business goals, packaged into deliverables, measurable projects and outcomes. We bring expertise and experience at this crucial stage, yielding benefits all the way to a successful conclusion.

Technology Discovery and Validation

The technical discovery phase is a critical part of any new or potential programme or project.
At Agenor we have many years’ experience of completing the programme or project definition and validating the technology requirement and specification for our clients.

Aligning Projects to Business Goals

An effective Business Case is one of the most important aspects of aligning projects to business goals and the business strategy of the client organization.
We have well over a decade of experience of successfully completing programmes that were known for being well aligned with the business goals of the client organization in their delivery outcome.


Balance of risk, cost and benefits

We have a proven track record of delivering the defined customer benefits, always within cost and minimizing the risk to our client organization while implementing large, complex and critical technology change programmes.



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