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Manual Functional Testing

Our manual functional testing experts apply the most relevant and up to date principles and practices when assuring the functionality of your applications.

System Testing

To minimize the number of moving parts within a solution we would typically first test each system individually.  This enables us to quickly identify any issues and provides a solid base prior to moving on to integration testing.  In more complex solutions much of the heavy lifting is undertaken within the system test phase.

System Integration Testing

We test that the behaviour and functionality of the fully integrated system complies with the specified requirements.   These tests tend to be much more end to end in their makeup and follow logical flows through the solution. In smaller less complex solutions our preferred approach may be to move straight to system integration testing without undertaking system testing.

User Acceptance Testing

User acceptance testing (UAT) verifies that the solution is ready to be accepted by the business teams and may include testing both manual and system based Operational Procedures.  These tests can either be undertaken by the intended business users with our support and guidance or we can undertake the UAT execution working closely with the business subject matter experts.

Regression Testing

We can assess, advise, and apply the appropriate level of regression testing to ensure that project changes do not adversely impact existing services post implementation.  In many instances regression tests are also prime candidates for automation.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing ensures that your solution complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards. Our team will comprehensively test all pages of your web application, across a range of devices and browsers, to ensure that you deliver solutions that are accessible to all.

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