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ICEFLO Starter Pack Offering

Posted by Jason Forsyth on May 21, 2017

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The Audience

The ICEFLO Starter Pack Offering is aimed at cutover managers, deployment managers, programme and project managers who are embarking on or in the middle of an engagement that has an element of risk, complex dependencies, time constraints and who wish to adopt either a parallel approach to provide a level of comfort or prove beyond all doubt that the cutover plan is going to deliver on time without affecting service, and have the management information at their fingertips throughout.



The Offering

The ICEFLO Starter Pack Offering, allows a client to use ICEFLO for a technology cutover without committing to large financial outlay or corporate wide adoption. It allows a single project to use ICEFLO and deliver their cutover events, where the flow of information is implemented in a controlled environment. This increases control, collaboration and confidence and reduces risk, giving everyone involved a single version of the truth in a timely and auditable fashion.

The offering allows a client to increase adoption based on what we typically see with our customers. An initial planning stage, followed by increased usage in the rehearsal phase, peaking during the cutover period and tailing off post implementation with a learn and refine phase and finally  back to the planning phase. 


The Pricing

Pricing is based on Monthly Access Licenses (MALs). A MAL entitles a user to login to the platform for a period of 1 month, an unlimited number of times with no device restrictions. The cost per MAL is £99. The minimum quantity for this offering is 100 MALs. A typical adoption model would be similar to the following, showing MALs being consumed over a 6 month period.


The cost for 100 MALs, in this scenario, covering a typical cutover event would be £9,900

 The On Boarding

ICEFLO client provisioning can be achieved in a few hours. On boarding with the Starter Pack Offering means our experienced ICEFLO customer support teams will enable a client in months 1 - 2 providing free training and education, and as rehearsal approaches the live cutover event, our team will be available throughout the rest of the period.


Enablement Success-crop section 1.png


The Questions

Q. What software and hardware do I require to use ICEFLO?

A. Only a browser is required. There are also iOS and Android apps. No infrastructure is required.

Q. Is my data secure and who owns it?

A. Yes. The data resides on a tested and secure cloud environment used by many large organisations. You own your data.

Q. What is a Monthly Access License (MAL)?

A. A Monthly Access License (MAL) entitles a client to have unique user access per month across multiple devices.

Q. If I cancel, what can I expect from a financial perspective, and what happens to my data?

A. Any MALs you haven’t consumed will be refunded. Your data will be exported for you and subsequently removed from ICEFLO.

Q. What if I exceed the total MALs purchased?

A. You won’t be prohibited for using more, but will be expected to purchase the required uplift of MALs

Q. How quickly can my instance be provisioned?

A. Upon receipt of order, within 1 day.

Q. Will I have access to support?

A. Yes. Full access to support services (telephone, email and chat) between 8am and 6pm GMT. (24x7 optional)

Q. How do I get the ICEFLO Starter Pack Offering?

A. Contact either jason.forsyth@agenor.co.uk or enquiries@agenor.co.uk or call +44 1835 340 070 or +44 7712 841 583.

Topics: Deployment Management, Cutover Challenges