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ICEFLO for Disaster Recovery Rehearsals

Posted by Jason Forsyth on May 29, 2017

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The Benefits of Using ICEFLO for Disaster Recovery Planning and Execution

With the availability of key IT systems becoming ever more crucial to the successful operation of any business, the need to prepare for an unplanned major disaster is greater than ever. A major disaster can be many things, ranging from flood, fire, environmental hazard, electrical supply issues or any other external event that disables the effective operation of business or IT services from one or more sites. The ability of a business to anticipate and prepare for such an event is critical to the prospects of the business surviving such an event. Regulatory requirements for proven Disaster Recovery capabilities are growing across the globe.


ICEFLO has many benefits to offer when an organisation is faced with the challenge that Disaster Recovery represents. From direct experience of large-scale technology DR events, we have designed ICEFLO to deliver capabilities that would appear on any DR implementation management "wish-list".

ICEFLO is a solution that:

  • Provides real-time updates on the status of any DR event
  • Automatically highlights significant delays, allowing early intervention and timely remedial action
  • As a SaaS solution, the detailed Disaster Recovery plans are available when the client IT systems may well not be accessible
  • Is easily deployed and accessible from anywhere in the globe
  • Enables geographically diverse teams to work together efficiently and effectively
  • Is capable of providing enterprise wide visibility of the real-time status of one or more DR implementations
  • Is capable of managing multiple, related changes as an integrated "Major Event" - a very powerful capability in this context
  • Supports continuous improvement, learning from DR testing and DR rehearsals and enhancing the plans for future DR events
  • Instills a common approach and vocabulary when planning and implementing the DR plan
  • Enables rapid and simultaneous creation of DR plans
  • Enables staff, partners and third parties to participate on a common standard basis during a DR event


If you are responsible for planning, rehearsing and ultimately assuring the Disaster Recovery plans for your organisation, ICEFLO offers an innovative solution to improving your readiness for such an event, and is regularly used by ICEFLO Customers as one element of their IT Delivery scope.


How is ICEFLO Used by our Customers?

A global retail Bank who have adopted ICEFLO for all major changes, have also rolled out the ICEFLO solution to the team responsible for planning and executing all DR activity across their IT Systems. These activities are carried out on a regular basis – in the last year alone, more than 70 DR plans have been executed, including backout plans when things have not gone according to schedule.

ICEFLO provides them with a structured approach to planning DR events, ahead of sign off to proceed, and then ensures complete control and enterprise visibility when executing any plan. Many of these will be repeatable exercises due to regulatory requirements. ICEFLO facilitates fine tuning due to the automatic capture of data such as task durations, Issues raised as well as an audit of who did what, and when. All of this data can be reviewed on convenient, ready-made reports and the information can then be used to improve the quality and efficiency of future events. By simply cloning an existing plan, all the relevant data can be reproduced for a future event at the click of a button.

The accessibility of ICEFLO has enabled the organisation to provision more than 60 users from the DR team. Within this division, there are 14 teams across 13 geographical locations who regularly use ICEFLO, either for planning or executing DR events, or both. This in turn provides better management information, reduces the cost and time taken to implement DR events as they are refined over time and helps to keep staffing costs lean, efficient and under control.

ICEFLO is an intuitive solution and for most of the user community in this scenario, a single, one hour webinar is all that’s been required to enable them to interact with the tool. Agenor have provided a range of training modules, with associated certification, depending on the user’s role within the organisation and their interaction with ICEFLO.