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ICEFLO now available on G-Cloud 9

Posted by Jason Forsyth on May 21, 2017

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Edinburgh and Melrose, Saturday, 20 May 2017

Agenor Technology are pleased to announce that ICEFLO, their Gartner Cool Vendor platform for technology cutovers, is now available on the UK Government's G-Cloud 9 framework agreement.

ICEFLO is a cloud-based platform that puts business critical and high risk challenges of deploying technology change, into a clear, collaborative, real-time and controlled state. ICEFLO, allows detailed and complex deployment plans to be built, rehearsed and proven, allowing deployment managers to pre-empt and answer the most common questions asked by senior stakeholders and of themselves during business critical cutover events. It is the solution that experienced deployment managers have designed and developed for themselves.

At Agenor Technology we have taken existing best practices based on spreadsheets and other static tools and structured them into a cloud-based, collaborative platform. With sophisticated planning, orchestration and visualisation dashboards, ICEFLO has the power to transform the error prone and chaotic cutover experience into calm, orderly and streamlined cutover events.

Typical use cases include Application Changes, Legacy Technology Refreshes, Infrastructure Changes, Disaster Recovery Rehearsals and Data Centre Migrations and Optimisations.

With connectivity options for integration into leading vendors ITSM platforms such as ServiceNow, the implementation and cutover headaches can seamlessly be tied into existing processes.

Jason Forsyth, Agenor Technology, said “The ability to have a single version of the truth available to all parties involved in probably the most critical part of any technology or business change gives clients the ability to make informed decisions, reduce risk and ultimately protect service. We constantly hear of ICEFLO being used to provide that extra level of comfort and assurance, whilst quietly delivering success."

Public sector organisation’s in the UK can now access the Digital Marketplace and the many approved services on offer, faster and more directly than the traditional tender process.

Furtner information on ICEFLO can be found here.

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