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Our Services: Delivering Excellence in IT Professional Services


programme-deliveryProgramme Delivery
IT Professional Services: Programme Delivery
Agenor's IT Professional Services provide teams of highly experienced Programme and Project Managers with proven track records in the areas of project definition, project delivery and project recovery.
  • Highly qualified Programme and Project Managers matched to client delivery requirements
  • Services tailored to your needs from the provision of individual team members to full project delivery teams
  • Peace of mind with our risk sharing commercial model

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implementation-managementDeployment Management
IT Professional Services: Deployment Management
While our clients may perform large-scale, business-critical IT deployments infrequently, our experienced consultants are delivering them week in, week out. Their know-how, coupled with our unique ICEFLO solution, make an unbeatable team.
  • Our experts will help you plan and deliver your IT deployments with confidence
  • Our consultants' expertise helps you to improve communication, collaboration and project visibility
  • Minimise the risk of service outages by utilising our unique ICEFLO cloud solution

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technical-servicesTechnical Services
IT Professional Services: Technical Services
We supplement existing client technical teams or help to fill skill gaps with proven experts across a broad range of technical services. 
  • Experienced professional technicians across all technology disciplines
  • Our expertise enables us to take on projects with exceptional high risk and deliver with confidence
  • Utilise our experience with a free technical consultation to help establish your requirement

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testing-servicesTesting Services
IT Professional Services: Testing Services
We provide teams of highly experienced professional testers to clients ranging from Programme/Project Test Managers to Test Analysts. 
  • Experienced testing professionals with proven track records in successful test delivery and the latest industry qualifications
  • We consult with you to help you match your requirement to the specific skills of our people
  • Assured delivery as our consultants take full responsibility for the execution of the agreed test plan

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ICEFLO: Deploy Technology Change

ICEFLO: Deploy Technology Change
The #1 cloud platform for delivering technology change.
ICELFO has been designed and developed by Agenor in response to the IT deployment challenges faced by Agenor consultants and our clients.
  • Reduce the cost of change
    Save up to 30% on required man hours through more efficient time management.
  • Manage the risk of change
    Avoid change-related service outages with continuous progress tracking enabling pre-emptive action.
  • Deliver change with confidence
    Ensure your deployment stays on track with dynamic critical path and threshold based alerting.

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Case Studies: Client Success Stories

IT Professional Services case studies

"Agenor did an excellent job and played a crucial role in programme managing the team in an ever changing environment. They also ensured seamless delivery of each deployment phase on time and in budget."

Senior Director, UK Bank