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Migration Testing

A successful migration test approach will verify that there is no loss of data or unplanned service outage both before, during and after the migration weekend, and that all transition states are tested accordingly.

Test Strategy

Migration testing is typically very technical in nature and often presents challenges which are unique only to Migration Projects. Our expertise in this area gained from working on many previous successful Migration projects allows us to create and follow a proven strategy that caters for all elements of a migration.

Data Mapping

Our team of testers have the specialist technical skills required to fully test the data migration processes (Extract Transform and Load) to ensure that the data lands correctly on the Target system. By prioritising the data that has the highest material impact, be that to the business or customer, stakeholder confidence can quickly be built on the back of successful 'early' testing.

Operational & Financial Reconciliation

It is very important that key tasks intended to be undertaken over the migration weekend run smoothly.  Our business partners must have confidence in the quality of the reporting which feeds into the Weekend decision making process.  As a result of this we place a high focus on validating the op and fin rec reports as soon as they become available during the testing timeline.

Temporary Migration Processes

Temporary Migration Processes, for example those developed to cater for payments made during the Migration weekend are often one of the most complex areas of a migration design and are typically the most difficult to recreate and test.  Our experience in this area ensures that the correct focus is applied to recreate the exact transition states in the test environment along with the representative like live test data.

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