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Your Command and Control Platform for Technology Cutovers

Turn your war-rooms
into win-rooms 

Agenor Technology’s leading edge cloud-based platform, ICEFLO,  improves the way our clients plan, orchestrate and review their deployments, transforming an often stressful and chaotic operation into a collaborative, well-coordinated triumph.


“At many levels ICEFLO supported the consolidation of many moving parts ensuring that there was one managed version of all the activities and progress being made as the delivery commenced.”

-- Senior Delivery Manager, Global Bank


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Key Benefits






Increase Control



Reduce Risk



Enterprise Visibility


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ICEFLO gives everyone one single view of the truth by replacing spreadsheets, emails, instant messages, conference calls and event management war-rooms, typically used to co-ordinate activities in these critical periods. The collaboration platform enables everyone to log in and participate in constructing, executing and reviewing plans, including third parties.

Monitor IT and Business change through a single, holistic view >




Increase Control

White knuckle rides are a thing of the past. ICEFLO’s real-time forecasting engine provides your cutover team and key stakeholders with accurate data on the progress of any plan, allowing decision makers to make judgement calls on progressing forward or backing out, based on accurate and up to the minute data.

Transform your change events into controlled, safe and efficient cutovers >

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Reduce Risk

ICEFLO ensures cutovers take place with the least amount of disruption, within pre-determined time windows, to safeguard service availability. Dynamic visualisations and alerts provide a clear view of the status to everyone involved, ensuring timely decisions can be made in confidence.

Mitigate risk for both business and technology leaders >





Issue Management

With even the best-planned deployments, real-world experience confirms that issues will occur during complex technology deployments.

The effective and timely identification, management and resolution of these issues is a critical success factor in all deployments. ICEFLO provides a comprehensive issue management solution that addresses these requirements.

Issues are logged immediately, their impact assessed by the right people and appropriate severity, priority and resources assigned.

With full, real-time visibility of Issues across the entire deployment team, ICEFLO supports the effective management of issues and keeps the deployment moving forward to a successful conclusion.

Raise and effectively manage Issues to keep your deployment on track >




Stay Connected Wherever You Go

Whether at work, home or on the golf course, you can now maintain visibility of your technology deployment at all times.


ICEFLO Mobile is a companion application for your iOS and Android smartphone that extends the power of ICEFLO to give you real-time access to critical information so that you can easily monitor, control and make informed decisions about your deployment on-the-go.

We have taken all our expertise in Deployment Management and focused it into a handy mobile app that lets you maintain control and easily view the status of your runbooks at all times.



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ICEFLO: Deploy Technology Cutover 

All kinds of companies use ICEFLO

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ICEFLO is everything you need to bridge the information gap between business stakeholders, 3rd party suppliers, IT Dev and IT Ops teams—backed by a support team that helps you mitigate cutover failure.