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Your Command and Control Platform for Technology Cutovers

ICEFLO is a cloud-based platform that:

  • Modernises the way our clients approach the planning and execution of large-scale, complex technology cutovers. 
  • Replaces the spreadsheets, emails, instant messages, conference calls and management “war rooms” that are typically used to coordinate activities in these challenging scenarios. 
  • Is Proven at scale, having been used successfully on hundreds of highly complex technology cutovers  






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Data center migration

Data center migrations are large-scale, complex initiatives conducted by geographically dispersed, global teams.

cloud platform migration

Strategic vendors such as SAP, Oracle, IBM & HP are driving the migration to their managed Cloud platforms.

disaster recovery rehearsal

Your business, customers and regulators demand that your technology DR plan works. Rehearse it. Refine it. Prove it.

legacy technology refresh

Improve the security, availability and resilience of your ageing technology; Address withdrawal of vendor support.


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Key Benefits

Enhanced Global Collaboration

ICEFLO provides a complete solution that delivers common standards, consistency and real-time visibility for everyone. All you need, all in one place, on any device.

Increased Confidence and Control

Transform stressful and often chaotic cutover events into controlled, safe and orderly journeys to success.  Increase business confidence of change delivery.

Reduced Risk of Cutover Failure

Real-time, enterprise-wide visibility of status plus automated alerting. Proactively manage cutover issues that lead to delays. Eliminate service outages.

Increased Delivery Performance

Deliver more strategic change for your business. Do so safely and efficiently, reducing the risks, costs and stresses placed on your people and partners.



Build and share better quality runbooks, faster and with less effort and cost. Standardise process and structure.


Rehearse, refine, learn and improve. Run fewer, better quality rehearsals that deliver more confidence and value.


Co-ordinate and control everything - from a single, powerful platform. Inform and constantly reassure all stakeholders.


Support continuous improvement: Learn from experience. Offer powerful, factual evidence for Audit, Risk and Compliance.

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Event Dashboard



Dashboards aggregate the vast array of underlying details into concise, easily interpreted visualisations and metrics that reflect progress, status and issues.
Dashboards are available at both the STP and Event level.



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Runbook Construction

Build better plans based upon a standard structure comprising events, phases, stages and tasks.




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Task Details

Let your specialist staff define their tasks in detail, fully articulating every task in the plan.



Dashboard (Collaboration - single view of the truth).png



The ICEFLO Event feature provides an aggregate management view of multiple runbooks.
Events bring all the moving parts together, providing an Exec view that shows the "big picture".




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Real Time Forecasting

ICEFLO's real time forecasting engine provides a continuously updated "live-schedule", responding dynamically to task completion rates, delays and issues. 



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In Flight Tasks

Keeping track of what's going on at any point in time is critical to success.
The In Flight Tasks visualisation reflects current activity at all times and lets deployment managers focus on what's important.



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Integrated Issue Management

The effective and timely identification, management and resolution of issues is a critical success factor in all deployments. 
ICEFLO provides a comprehensive, integrated issue management solution that addresses these very specific requirements.


Mobile_App.pngMobile Experience

When the cutover is in flight, you’ll want to keep tabs on progress wherever you are. You can now enjoy full visibility of your technology deployment from your mobile device.

ICEFLO Mobile is a companion application for your iOS and Android smartphone that extends the power of ICEFLO to give you real-time access to critical information

All you need, all the time, on any device.





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